Resistant band versus weights is a topic that is particularly hot for many people dealing with workouts at home. You may be wondering what these giant rubber bands are meant for, and how they work. Resistance bands are an elastic exercise tool to get your muscles working and they are developing a range of styles to choose from such as loop, flat bands, tubes and handle bands with different strength and length.

If you have recently had orthopedic knee surgery, you want to talk to your orthopedic knee doctor such as the ones available to you from elephant about what kind of resistance bands or weight work you should be doing to build up your muscles and keep your knee healthy after surgery. This type of exercise is not going to be for everyone and you should discuss it with your orthopedic knee doctor before pursuing it.

How do resistance bands versus weights work?

Weights allow you to have a resistance that is constant throughout the entire range of motion without fluctuation. Wall resistance bands allow you to increase the range of motion so that eventually you are working harder against the bands. When you are working with weights there is really no way for you to change the load on the muzzle without simply getting an entirely new set of weights, and you could be doing too little or too much depending on the way you pick. With resistance bands you are able to gradually increase by moving through the range of motion available to you, and it is a great exercise if you are working on earning back a lot of your range of motion after surgery.

Again talk to your orthopedic knee doctor to ensure that resistance bands are safe for you, and ensure you talk to them about the tension types you need and the type of band you should use. They are going to be able to help you create an exercise plan that is specific to you and your surgery recovery.

Because resistance bands can help you to strengthen the tendons in connective tissue and muscles of the knee without giving you a hard impact such as other forms of exercise like running and walking, it’s the perfect way for you to physically rehabilitate your knee after surgery or other forms of arthritic knee pain . This is a great way for you to reduce inflammation. Prior to starting any work with resistance bands you need to speak to your orthopedic knee doctor and ensure that you are doing it correctly and you are not overloading your body. Doing too much in doing too little can be just as bad. Work closely with your doctor to ensure that you are working the perfect amount for your body and you are not over exerting yourself.

Reach out to an orthopedic knee doctor such as the ones available to you from Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania about any questions about your treatment.