Before Picking an Event Venue, You Must Do This

Choosing a venue is one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding or event. It’s easy to get swept up into all the options out there for where your event could be hosted. However, before diving into the world of venue rental properties, you must do one thing first: plan. If you don’t have the following factors of your event already planned out, it’ll be harder to narrow down the multitude of options: 

  • Create a guest list
  • Consider the stye and type of event
  • Stick to budget about what’s within your means
  • Choose a city or area for your guests 
  • Get inspiration from other events
  • Schedule tour venues and read client feedback

Before picking an event venue, consider the smaller details first. Elements that influence which venue you choose are decorations, timing, entertainment, catering, and guest list. A successful party entails planning prior to browsing an event venue. The venue plays a big role in the outcome of your celebration, how many people you can host, what you can and cannot do, etc. 

Take time to think about who you want to attend your event, and write a preliminary list. The total number of people coming will help you figure out how much space you need. If not, you may find yourself with a venue capacity that doesn’t fit your entire list, or you have too large of a space for a smaller group. 

Different events call for different venues. For instance, a convention center is a great choice for renting a conference room to host training or networking events. In another example, a pool, picnic park area, or amusement park may be suited for a child’s birthday party. Look for space that emphasizes the feel or theme you want guests to experience.