Start-up companies in the internet age have revamped the way people do business. While traditional models of storefront, brick and mortar business still have a strong presence in cities and towns in the United States, almost all businesses have aspects of online transactions that help them to operate. Gone are the days when people mainly learned about businesses through print, radio and television ads. While these forms of advertising still have a footing in today’s marketing, the way people search for businesses and information on the internet have changed the way traditional marketing is done. 

Even if your business or service has nothing to do with the internet or technology, if you do not have an internet presence, you likely will not grow and survive in today’s leading markets. A key way to a strong internet presence is having a good website. There are many ways to define a good website but having one that is easy for potential clients and customers to find and use are key components of this. 

The Internet is Everywhere

A key to making your website easy to find is to make sure that your website is recognized and valued by Google and other search engines. If you think of it, when was the last time you did not use the internet when you were looking for a new product or service. Even if you had a pretty good idea of what you wanted, whether it was through word of mouth or a more traditional form of advertising, the chances that you did some sort of research on the internet are high. Whether you used the internet to research a product or service itself in order to help you determine which one is the best one for your needs, or simply looked up whether a particular store or business carried what you want, or to find out the telephone number or an address of a place that can provide what you need, etc., there is a good chance that you used the internet to help you find what you need.

Even if you personally did not use the internet as part of how you came about to purchase a new product or service, there’s a high chance that part of your transaction used the internet. If you used a credit card for a purchase, the internet was a part of it. Regardless of how you paid, you may have been offered an email receipt. If you paid cash, the internet may not have been used during your immediate transaction but when the cash was eventually deposited in the bank and/or the bookkeeper calculated what is owed and needs to be put aside for taxes, etc., the internet was most likely a part of these parts of making a purchase. Having a strong internet presence is important for most businesses of any size. In many ways, small businesses are lucky because the internet makes it possible for particularly savvy small businesses to compete with larger businesses. 

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