Search engine optimization (SEO) for small businesses is an important component of having a strong internet presence. In many ways, getting your business’s website in the top of the search results for potential customers and clients who are looking for your kind of product or service is the new kind of marketing.

If you think of the last times you searched for a product or a service online, how often have you gone past the first or second page? If you are like many of today’s consumers, chances are low that you went very far. Many people do not bother to dig through Google’s subsequent pages when the top ten ranked websites do not provide them with what they are looking for. Many people are more apt to try their searches with different keywords or variations of what they already tried, rather than spending time looking through the pages beyond the first. This is a primary reason it is important for small businesses to have good SEO that leads to a strong and fruitful internet presence. 

Contrary to popular belief, when potential customers and clients use Google to search for a particular kind of business, it ranks businesses based on the quality of their website rather than their popularity or good reviews and write-ups, etc. Google uses complicated and ever changing algorithms to determine the quality or value of a particular website’s content and links to other sites (amongst other things). The more Google recognizes a website as valuable and of high quality, the higher up on its results page it will be. A goal of many online marketing companies is to get their clients not just on the first page of Google’s search results but in the number one position.  

Staying on Top

Getting into the top of Google’s search results is a battle when won, a business should be proud of. Unfortunately, this is only part of the challenge of staying on top in the digital age of marketing. Getting traffic to your website is important but keeping it there is also of high importance. A key way to keeping traffic coming to your website is by making it attractive and easy to use. When this is the case, the traffic that your SEO has driven to your website will mosts likely like what it sees and will find it easy to enter and use to find out if you have what they are looking for.