Property damage is definitely a common event in everyone’s life. It is completely normal to be concerned about possible cases of property damage whether it be for your house or your personal belongings. To best understand what is really considered property damage and their classification is just the perfect first step in learning how to better prepare yourself if you have to deal potential damage to your property according to a car accident lawyer with our friends at Brandy Austin Law Firm!

Knowing the definition of property damage is important when looking at trying to acknowledge what is considered to be property damage. Property damage is defined as any damage to either real or personal property and it also deals with if the damage was a result of another person’s negligence or if the damage was caused on purpose.

There are many different insurance companies who offer protection against property damage and different coverages you get to choose from to help better protect you in case of an event. Although there can be many different causes for property damage it is always best to know the types of damages and how they are classified. 

Different Types Of Property Damage

When looking at property damage there are many different categories your damage can be classified under, this includes:

  1. Fire Damage and Arson 
  2. Flood, Water, and Hurricane Damage 
  3. Construction Damage
  4. Broken Windows, Vandalism, and Theft 
  5. Wind and Tornado Damage
  6. Car Accidents
  7. Hail and Roof Damage
  8. Tree Damage 
  9. Foundation damage

Although there are many different types of property damage, when looking at what is the most common types of damages would have to be hail, wind, water, and tornado damages. This is due to the fact that most states go through many different types of extreme weather conditions, the severity of which is always changing. In the event of a tornado or strong wind weather conditions it is necessary to anticipate possible damage to your property resulting from these weather conditions. 

Due to hailing and tornado season being common occurrences the damages that occur from them can include dents and cracks in roofs of your house and car. The damages that can result from tornado weather range from house damage, such as, your house foundation damage and/or structural damages, roof damages, and broken windows. Not only are these the main consequences from hail and tornado damages but another result from hail and strong winds can be trees falling on your vehicle causing more property damage. Which is why it is always best to seek professional coverage to help protect your property against unforeseen circumstances and it is always important to understand what is considered property damage!