The construction industry represents 6-9% of a developed country’s gross domestic product. It is also an industry that employs a fair number of individuals, from engineers to architects to contractors to construction workers, and the industries that supply the necessary equipment. In fact, the construction market segmentation is vast. Our team of specialists focus heavily on construction market research, identifying trends, forecasting market shifts, and providing our clients with the invaluable information they need in order to make the smart decisions. Whether it’s infrastructure projects your company is interested in, or commercial and residential construction, no matter the complexity of the market, we are your source for quality research data.

Construction Market Segmentation is Vast

Real estate investors, construction equipment manufacturers, materials suppliers, and many others have a real need to understand the health, challenges, and the future of the construction industry. Turning to a market research company that does not have established relationships with key players in the industry will not likely yield the trusted data that is critical. Our researchers at have the necessary experience and the knowledge associated with most aspects of construction market segmentation: invaluable market research data that is necessary for your business. Contact us if your company may benefit from in-depth market research on any of the following:

·         Finishing materials, trends, market share shifts.

·         Construction material sourcing, availability, technological advances, and cost swings.

·         Personal Protective Equipment and safety gear consumer buying trends, recalls, and how laws requiring their use may affect supply and demand.

·         Heavy machinery manufacturing, distribution, and new technology.

·         Construction tool advances, market share, and buying trends.

·         Design, architectural, consulting, and distributing companies that cater to the retail or wholesale construction industry market.

Get the Critical Information Your Company Needs to Rise Above the Competition

No two companies’ needs are the same, which is why offers a range of market data solutions. Our content is tailored to each client’s focus whether it is consumers, suppliers, investors, or another aspect of the construction market segmentation. If you do not see available reports listed on our website that cover your area of interest, contact us to learn about our customized research for individual clients. Obtain the quality data that others do not have access to.

Our Network of Sources is Constantly Expanding

Our market researchers and analysts have a firm foothold in the construction industry and our network is constantly expanding. It is these relationships that has established that form the basis of our insights about construction market segmentation and all of its parts. We speak directly with key stakeholders within the industry as well as its consumers and decision-makers. Our market data sources are proven and knowledgeable. Depending on the scope and focus of a particular market research report, we may speak with any of the following individuals:

·         Specialists and tradesmen

o   Roofers

o   Framers and other types of carpenters

o   Bricklayers

o   Subfloor installers

o   Siding installers

o   Electricians

o   Decorators and painters

o   Kitchen designers

o   Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning installers

o   Plumbers

o   Drywallers and plasterers

o   Windows installers

·         General contractors

o   Developers

o   Building and construction companies

o   General laborers and contractors

o   Landscaping companies

o   Subcontractors

·         Manufacturers and distributors

o   Wholesalers and retailers

o   Lumber suppliers

o   Hardware and building retailers

·         Services industries

o   Designers and architects

o   Civil engineers

o   Remodelers

o   City and municipality engineers

o   Structural engineers

o   Surveyors

Learn more about how we can provide your company with the market research data you need across construction market segmentation.