As a business owner, you probably strive to run your company with as much ethical behavior as possible. However, even the most well-run of businesses might run into legal trouble, and when this happens, hiring a litigation attorney can help you resolve such a problem. When you first meet with your lawyer, there a few questions you may want to ask that can help you gain peace of mind about the near future.

1. When Will My Case Begin? 

Every business litigation case is different, but most begin when a suit is filed by the plaintiff. He or she may be an employee, a customer or another business entity. Once the case is filed, you may want to review the area of your business the case pertains to so you and your attorney have the means to build a strong defense. The court will likely inform you ahead of time about appearance and testimony dates.

2. Will a Lawsuit Harm My Company’s Image? 

Most lawsuits are a matter of public record and some details are accessible by the public, which may damage your company’s reputation. Your business litigation attorney can work to ensure that the matter is handled quietly and with much discretion as possible. It may be wise to give attention to such legal matters early on so your attorney can resolve them without you having to endure public relations problems.

3. What Are My Litigation Rights? 

If you find yourself as a defendant in a business litigation case, you still have several rights you can exercise both in and out of the court. You have the right to answer the charges, to have your attorney present at any pre-trial hearings and to have your attorney represent you in answer to any questions posed to you. You can ask your attorney about any benefits this may have for your case and which other rights you possess under state and federal laws.

4. What Must I Prove? 

Whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant, having tangible proof that bolsters your case can help you resolve the matter to your satisfaction and benefit. As a plaintiff, there is usually a greater burden of proof upon you, so gathering documents and other written statements to submit to your lawyer can assist you with this. He or she may also ask for other types of possible evidence, such as witness accounts and surveillance footage.

Business litigation can be a puzzling process, but help is available. Contact a business lawyer in Wilkes-Barre, PA, like from Hoegen & Associates, P.C., today for further advice and information.